Monday, October 12, 2009

11:16 PM
As many as 172 middle and high school students in Yogyakarta entered the water rocket contest yesterday. “The contest is aimed at developing students’ interest in technology,” said Mulana Kesuma Tarigan, the Yogyakarta Smart Park’s chief for Program Development. The water rocket competition is to test the capability of members of clubs formed by students, which was initiated by the Smart Park. “The winner will be sent to the national rocket contest in Bantul on November 1.”

Prior to the contest, the students were trained at the Smart Park on October 3. According to steering committee member Agung Dini Wahyudi, two categories are being contested. One is the vertical category, contesting how long the rocket flies in the air and determining the landing spot, and second is the target shooting category, with the ability to reach the target. “Besides shooting at the target, each participant must pass the obstacles,” Agung said.


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